Autism is described as a neurological disorder that causes those who are affected to have social and communicative problems as well as being restricted by repetitive behavior. Social interaction is an integral part of the academic process and it is important for teachers to have the proper strategies to enhance autistic students' learning. There have been cases where autistic students have been able to display exceptional skills in several areas.

The article we found was a case study done where adults and adolescents were administered recall tests. The results indicated that autistic students have difficulty with memory retention. The article offers suggestions on how to work backwards with autistic students and provide them with an environment where they can learn.

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Bowler, Dermot M., Elyse Limoges, and Laurent Mottron. "Different Verbal Learning Strategies in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evidence from the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test." Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 39.6 (2009): 910-15. Print.