There is often a misconception that a student with a learning disability cannot be able to attain the success of that of a gifted student, however that perception should now be outdated and be labeled misinformed. Many students with learning disabilities have shown that they are more than capable of attaining the success to reach the gifted status. It is our job as teachers to provide the tools and accommodations necessary to allow students with Learning Disabilities to receive a Gifted Education.

A great article on effective strategies is by J.L. Newman and Sue Zupko titled "Talent-ed and Type 3: An effective learning strategy for gifted students who are learning disabled," who highlight several instructional strategies in GLD (Gifted and Learning Disabled) students by observing a case study.

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Newman, J.L., & Zupko, S. (2006). TALENT-ed and TYPE III: An effective learning strategyfor gifted students who are learning disabled. TEACHING Exceptional Children Plus, 2(5) Article 4. Retrieved [November 24, 2010)] from